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Do you have a business you want to promote?  We can help! 

Join our business network to increase your bottom line with zero risk. We help by adding local merchant ads on our business screen and websites, with an online view of 10k + a month guaranteed.  Why is indoor and website marketing so effective. Here are the important facts:

  • The advertisement in seen within 2 minutes;
  • We focus your efforts on the right target by selecting vivid colors and motions on the screen to catch your attention;
  • 84.4% of people remember watching your ads in the public place; 
  • People can remember at least four points of the promotion when they visualized the ad.

Effective results:  

1) It's hard not to watch the ad, 

2) It captivates the audience attention, and 

3) It's cheap compared to other advertising companies. 

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